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Renewable Power and Energy Storage Systems, EV Chargers and Onsite Power Generation

Renewable Energy Supplies are experts in power generation and energy storage. We design, install and maintain a wide variety of power and energy related systems that can help you to lower your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards a more sustainable world. Our projects include domestic, commercial and industrial installations. All project managed by our team of qualified engineers and electrical contracting professionals. The Renewable Energy Supplies has over 25 years in the electrical industry, working across a range of buildings from large commercial offices and retail outlets to industrial plants and domestic & residential homes. The systems we install can help you to make better use of your energy.

Energy Efficiency and Smart Buildings

Renewable Energy Supplies installs the latest energy saving lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems to generate immediate savings. With our intelligent building solutions we provide a complete product portfolio to reduce our clients energy costs.

Energy Storage and Backup Power

Renewable Energy Supplies design, install and maintain uninterruptible power, energy storage systems and onsite power generators to provide protection from grid related power issues, allowing organisations to use locally generated power to reduce their energy costs and protect their critical building systems. With your systems you can even go off-grid.

EV Charger Connection Points

We are OLEV approved to install domestic and commercial charger connection points for electric vehicles. With our intelligent energy management solutions we can help you to use locally generated power from solar PV to charge your vehicles and manage the grid connection to your site.

Energy Sourcing and Power Management

Renewable Energy Supplies helps organisations to reduce their energy costs and improve power management efficiency. We are experts in electrical power systems and distribution from building incomers and LV switchboards to power distribution units and sockets.

Accreditations and Approvals