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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning sizing, installation, maintenance and energy efficiency.

Back-up Power

Back-up power systems for use when mains power supplies fail.


UPS systems selection, installation, software monitoring and maintenance contracts.

Battery Installations

Battery information for lead acid and lithium-ion batteries used in backup power instalaltions.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boiler system questions and answers relating to useage, fuels and eneregy efficiency.

Building Energy Saving and Electrical Power Projects

Building energy saving information and general electrical systems information.

Building Systems

Building electrical systems and how to select the right ones to improve energy efficiency.

Computer Room Electrical Power Projects

Electrical power and efficiency information for critical structures in server rooms.

Corporate Energy Saving Projects

Office environment energy saving and power protection project information.

Datacentre Electrical Power Projects

Data centre related electrical project and energy efficiency questions and answers.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle charger related information includings types available and installation information.

Electrical Distribution Systems

Electrical distribution system related information including branch circuits and sub-distribution.

Electrical Installations

Information on electrical installations with typical questions and answers.

Electrical Services

Typical questions related to electrical service provision provided by Renewable Energy Supplies.

Energy Certificates

Energy assessment related questions and answers including site surveys and reports.

Energy Consultants

How energy consultants can reduce the running costs of your building and improve energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Services

Energy efficiency related information and how operational and running costs can be reduced.

Energy Management Systems

Questions and answers to typical quesitons covering energy management systems.

Energy Metering

Informtion on energy meters and how to select the right electricity metering solution for your building.

Energy Pricing

Information on energy pricing and how Synchronised Power can source the right contract for you.

Energy Saving

How to reduce energy consumption using energy saving techniques and power management solutions.

Energy Solution

The types of energy solution available and how to choose the right system for your application.

Energy Sourcing

How the right energy procurement strategy can reduce energy costs.

Energy Storage

Energy storage information including lithium battery solutions.

Generating Sets

Using generators to provide backup and standby power to protect critical applications.

Generator Services

Information on generator services including installation, maintenance and emergency callout.

Heat Pumps

How heat pumps can reduce energy costs and provide heat to buildings.

High End Residential Energy Saving Projects

Energy saving project information for residential homes.

Hospital and Healthcare Power Projects

Hospital electrical power and energy efficiency project information.

Hospitality Industry Energy Saving Projects

How to reduce energy bills in hospitality, hotel and restaurant businesses.

HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning related information for power protection and energy efficiency projects.

Industrial Plant Power Projects

Industrial manufacturing and power plant protection and energy efficient operation.

LED Lighting

LED lighting information including cost savings and how to select the right type for an installation.

Load Bank Tests

Load bank testing and how it can be used during the commissioning of power and cooling projects.

LV Switchboards

LV switchboard related information including installation and maintenance.

Onsite Power Generation

Power generation related questions and information.

Power and Energy Meters

Power and energy metering information including typical monitoring system related questions.

Power Distribution Units

Selecting power distribution units including basic, metered, smart and intelligent PDUs.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Systems

How power factor correction (PFC) systems can improve energy efficiency with reactive loads.

Power Management

Power management information and typical solutions.

Power Protection Glossary

A selection of power protection related frequently asked questions including industry term definitions.

Power Solutions

The types of power solution available and how to use them in critical power installations.

Remote Monitoring

How to remotely monitor a critical power installation for diagnostics and emergency response.

Removals and Recycling

UPS relation information including planning, logistics and commissioning.

Renewable Power

Renewable power information including wind turbine, domestic and commerical solar PV installations.

Rental Accommodation Energy Saving Projects

How to reduce electricity costs in rental accomodation homes and flats.

Retail Industry Energy Saving Projects

Retail industry energy saving project information to help reduce electricity and operating costs.

Schools, Colleges and University Energy Saving Projects

Information on energy efficiency projects for schools, colleges and universities.

Source Transfer Switches

How to use source transfer switches in critical power applications.

Sports and Leisure Centre Energy Saving Projects

Common questions on how to improve energy efficiency in sports centres and leisure club complexes.

Static Transfer Switches

Static transfer switches and how they can be used to provide A and B power sources to critical loads.

Temporary Power Generation

Information on temporary power generation using prime power and standby power generators.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Installations

UPS installation related information including UPS maintenance bypasses and their usage.

UPS Maintenance

Typical questions on UPS maintenance contracts and emergency response times.

UPS Systems

UPS system information including sizing, battery runtimes and the types of UPS available.

Variable Speed Drives

How variable speed drives can be used to improve motor energy efficiency and reduce start-up surges.

Voltage Optimisers

Voltage stabilisation information and how VO can be used to reduce electricity bills and improve energy efficiency.

Voltage Stabilisers

Questions and answers regarding automatic voltage stabilisers (AVS) and automatic voltage regulators (AVR).