About Renewable Energy Supplies

Renewable Energy Supplies are a UK-based supplier of energy and power Solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We work with clients looking to solve their energy management and power related problems and create a sustainable future.

Innovative Solutions

Renewable Energy Supplies operates as a ‘day one’ company, always striving to be the benchmark in the industries it operates within. No other UK-based organisation is able to solve energy and power problems to the standards achieved by Renewable Energy Supplies. That’s a bold statement for the company to make but it is one that is part of our DNA and drives our innovation and decision making.

Global Perspective

Energy management and power problems exist across the world and though based in the UK, Renewable Energy Supplies works globally across many different industries and client bases. Our typical client based includes: end-user organisations, consultants, M&E contractors, quantity surveyors, facilities and energy managers, as well as IT and datacentre managers in both the public and private sectors.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to improve energy efficiency, drive down energy costs and make critical building systems grid independent for those organisations that want to be part of a sustainable future.”

Our Values

Renewable Energy Supplies is one of the UK’s leading independent energy management and power solutions companies. We value our reputation and always work to deliver the right solutions to our clients. Underpinning this approach is what we value as an organisation and team:

  1. Honesty and Integrity to guide our decision making and build trust.
  2. Excellence in all that we do whether customer facing or not.
  3. Long-term, collaborative and transparent relationships that benefit everyone.
  4. People who commit to our business and become active stakeholders.
  5. Innovation and not just in products but processes and services; think ‘out-of-the-box’ and challenge conventional thinking.
  6. New Technologies with reduced energy consumptions and environment impact during their usage and at their end-of-life disposal.
  7. Giving because we believe life is enriched by sharing and helping others whether it is your time, money or some other resource.
  8. Put simply our business is about HELPING others to achieve their goals.

Energy Efficiency and Power Solutions

The Renewable Energy Supplies team has over 25 years of experience in the energy management and power solutions industries. We work as an independent and consultative organisation, allowing us to propose the right solution without being tied to any particular manufacturer or brand incentive.

Energy Management Experts

Energy efficiency, power protection and energy storage have risen up the agendas of many organisations in recent years driven by rising energy costs, grid instabilities and the growing dependency on datacentres in both Cloud and Edge computing sectors, Internet of Things connectivity and Industry 4.0 type applications.

Renewable Energy Supplies are experts when it comes to renewable power and energy management systems.

  • We provide a complete range of products and services to simplify your supply chain, manage your energy usage and solve your power problems.
  • We work with major utilities to secure the best possible supply contracts to reduce energy costs and make switching to a new supplier very easy.
  • We constantly review market prices and proactively manage your supply contracts to help drive down your operating costs.
  • We provide energy efficiency audits to identify how best to improve energy usage throughout your building.
  • We upgrade building systems to the latest energy efficient technologies and install comprehensive energy management systems.
  • We install and maintain energy saving systems including inverter-drives, power factor correction and voltage optimisers.
  • We install energy metering and management systems to help organisations track their energy usage and meet their energy objectives.
  • We design and implement power protection plans to maintain critical IT server room and datacentre systems using the latest UPS systems.
  • We help organisations to utilise energy storage for us on-site or to discharge back into the grid for a feed-in tariff.
  • We help organisations prepare for the the energy revolution in terms of electrical vehicle usage and on-site charging points.

Our in-house contracting service helps us to manage projects and install energy efficient building management systems to time and on budget with minimal interruption to operations.

Power Protection and Energy Storage Consultants

Renewable Energy Supplies is vendor-neutral with an established supply chain of trusted brands that we work with on regular basis. We also invest time and resources to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology developments and the latest ideas related to our core business activities. New suppliers are introduced on a regular basis to our supply chain where they can demonstrate a unique technology or solution and fit with our client base.

Energy Efficient Power Solutions

We guarantee our solutions will improve your energy efficiency, reduce your operating costs and protect you from power related problems.