Energy Metering Solutions

All buildings are metered at their Point of Common Coupling (PCC). This is where the utilities enter your building including electricity, gas and water supplies. At Renewable Energy Supplies we provide a complete site works service for the installation of new utility and meter connections or retrofits to ensure the process is hassle free for you. We manage the entire process including testing and commissioning and liaison with your chosen energy supplier. Our energy metering solutions are available for retrofit into existing buildings and their sub-systems as well as new build developments. Renewable Energy Supplies also supplies a wide range of meters (including smart meters and panel mount meters) and data loggers.

Sub-distribution Energy Metering

For large sites and/or those that rent out space and charge clients for the energy used it may be necessary to install sub-distribution metering on individual circuits for specific accommodations, industrial processes, server rooms or datacentre halls.

Synchronised Power provides sub-distribution switchboard and Power Distribution Unit (PDU) installation and monitoring. These units can also be managed remotely and provide their data output to a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and data loggers.

Building Certificates and Metering Solutions

In the UK domestic, commercial and public sector buildings are required by law to have a specific energy performance report. The two specific certificates required are:

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) required for domestic and commercial properties.
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Advisory Reports for public sector buildings including schools, colleges, universities, libraries, hospitals, council offices and blue light emergency services (police, ambulance and fire).

Synchronised Power can organise these building certificates and the necessary metering and surveys required in order to generate them.

Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality is a rising concern in parts of the UK where the power grid is prone to power outages and mains borne pollution due to the density of consumer connections, types of user (industrial) and local renewable power generation. Often power quality issues remain unnoticed until a critical system failure occurs or electrical equipment starts to malfunction.

Synchronised Power provides a power quality monitoring service that can identify power quality issues including: harmonics, flicker, sags, surges, brownouts, transient and overall mains voltage and frequency levels. Our power engineers work closely with our energy consultants to identify the problem sources and solutions to improve the on-site power quality. The service also confirms:

  • Electricity voltage levels and frequency
  • Building and load power factors
  • Supply ratings and load levels
  • Load imbalances
  • Potential area for energy saving

The most common power problem seen in the UK, aside from a complete or momentary power outage is a high mains power supply voltage. Whilst not detrimental to electrical equipment, the use of voltage optimisation (reduction) technologies can lead to significantly improved energy efficiency.

Following completion of the on-site power quality analysis, the Synchronised Power team issue a clear and concise report detailing the parameters measured with data recordings, tables and graphs (where appropriate) and recommendations on how to improve power quality and increase energy efficiency.