Air Conditioning Installations

In the UK around 40% of commercial floor space is air conditioned. This figure doubles to almost 100% for server rooms and datacentres where cooling becomes critical if server downtime is to be prevented. In a server cabinet the heat generated by the IT servers must be removed if thermal runaway is to be prevented. A 42U rack cabinet can house servers with a total power demand up to 25kW leading to energy losses, principally in the form of heat. The heat has to be removed from the room itself if there are UPS systems installed to prevent battery degradation and also to provide a suitable working environment for IT staff and facilities engineers. Renewable Energy Supplies can design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for a wide variety of buildings including office suites, server rooms and datacentres. Our air conditioning systems use the latest energy saving and eco-friendly cooling technologies.

Air Conditioning Installations

We recommend a free of charge site survey to allow us to visit your site and understand your specification and cooling requirements. The information, data and measurements we gather during the site survey allows to prepare detailed design, liaising with your architects and our air conditioning manufacturing partners to prepare a detailed, eco-friendly energy saving and competitive proposal including maintenance and finance options. The most competitive air conditioners we provide have a 7-year warranty and are supported by our extensive UK network of manufacturer certified engineers.

Each project has a decided Project Manager from the Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions team who will oversee the project and attend on-site meetings. Our Project Manager will provide a full set of documentation including electrical works, pipe routes, site plans and a site-specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) covering site and health & safety permits.

Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions can undertake the necessary mechanical and electrical engineering works or collaborate with our preferred onsite contractors to deliver the air conditioning project. Depending on whether the project is a new build or exiting system retrofit or upgrade our team will arrange logistics and storage of the air conditioning system and associated materials on site prior to or during the project dependent upon timescales and size of the system to be installed.

Work is generally completed during normal working hours with outside and weekend hours work as required and agreed with your site personnel beforehand. The final stages of a project include system testing and commissioning by our manufacturer certified engineers who will also complete the necessary F-GAS regulations and commissioning documents before a final system handover and training. This also includes discussion on maintenance contracts and call-out procedures for your air conditioner (AC).

AC Cooling System Maintenance Contracts

Air conditioner maintenance contracts from Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions & Energy Solutions provide bi-annual Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMVs) and emergency call out facilities with 8 working, 12 working and 4 clock-hour/365 response times.

Regular maintenance ensures your system maintains its energy efficiency and prevents downtime from failing parts, gas leakage or blockages. Preventative maintenance also means that your system is F-Gas Regulations (2006) compliant of the system contains more than 3Kg of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

AC Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning has a large operational cost in the form of the electricity required by the air conditioning unit and its heat exchanger. Air conditioner manufacturers continue to develop more compact and energy efficient cooling systems whose installation can dramatically raise energy efficiency levels in existing buildings.

The Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions team provide can audit your air conditioning installation and advise on how to improve overall cooling efficiency and energy usage. Thermal surveys and dynamic modelling can be used to identify areas for improvement that may not be immediately obvious within a server room or datacentre environment.

In a server room or datacentre relatively, straight forward solutions can include ensuring efficient air flow through server cabinets, suspended floors and ceilings using blanking plates, removing obstacles and ensuring seals are tight. Other options can be more extensive including the use of rear cabinet door coolers and hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment.

Air Conditioner Lifecycle Management

There are industry standards and guidelines from BSRIA and CIBSE and government directives to comply with for an air conditioner installation and its lifecycle management. The Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions team can advise and help to manage aspects covering:

  • The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: is designed to help reduce carbon emissions from buildings. The directive states that all air conditioning systems over 12kW must be inspected regularly (every five years as a minimum) to highlight ways to reduce carbon emissions and reduce running costs.
  • R-32 and R-22 Refrigerants: R-32 is a refrigerant with relatively low flammability but zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than traditional R22 or R410A refrigerants used in air condition. R22 is a Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant used in air conditioners, process chillers and industrial plant cooling systems. R22 is an ozone depleting gas and EU legislation banned its stock holding and system topping up from 1st January 2016. As a result, air conditioners using this refrigerant cannot be maintained and must be replaced.
  • Legionella Risk: air-to-air air conditioning equipment does not generate the conditions required for legionella to develop but care must be taken when applied to heating systems in the form of air-to-water and hot water storage tanks to ensure sanitisation.
  • F-Gas Regulations: F-Gas is the term used to describe fluorinated gasses which are used in some air conditioning products as a refrigerant. These gasses include R134a, R407C and R410A, all of which come under the regulation.

The Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions team can provide advice and guidance through our certified engineers on these aspects whether you are looking at a new or existing system upgrade.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Please contact the Synchronised Power & Energy Solutions installers team who can advise on all aspects of an air conditioner installation including installation and energy saving. We can provide a site survey, proposal including finance, grants and payback calculations, installation and maintenance contracts for North Wales’s domestic, commercial and industrial installations. We have installer engineers across North Wales covering Anglesey (Bangor depot), Clwyd, Conwy (Llandudno depot), Denbighshire (Prestatyn depot), Flintshire (Mold depot), Gwynedd and Wrexham borough counties.