FAQs - Battery Installations

Battery information for lead acid and lithium-ion batteries used in backup power instalaltions.

Ampere-hour (Ah) is a measure of the number of Amps that a battery set can deliver per hour.

A Central Power Supply System (CPSS) is a type of standby power system used within emergency lighting, security and medical applications the operation of which is similar to that of a UPS.

Depth of Discharge (DOD) is a measure of battery capacity. A 5kWh battery pack will give 4kWh to a DOD of 80%. The higher the DOD the more life expectancy you can expect from the battery.

Deep Discharge is a battery charge state whereby the battery voltage, (Vdc), has dropped below a safe operating level from which it cannot recover.

A Battery Block is a self-contained battery consisting of a number of individual and connected battery cells.

A Battery Set comprises of a battery string or a number of battery strings.

A Battery String comprises of a number of battery blocks arranged in series to achieve a set Vdc and Ah rating.

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