FAQs - Energy Consultants

How energy consultants can reduce the running costs of your building and improve energy efficiency.

We provide a nationwide service including the UK and Eire from regional offices and service engineering centres.

The question of whether we charge is related to the project in hand for the client. A general energy consultation such as an initial Energy Usage Audit is provided free of charge provided that we can schedule the site visit with our visits to clients in the same area. Where there is a need for multiple site visits or the allocation of one of our Energy Consultants to a particular site project we may then look to agree a day-rate that is fixed for the duration of the project. A typical project could be to advise on the implementation of the the ISO 50001 energy management system or the energy related aspects of the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Our energy consultants can assist in two key cost reduction areas: better energy sourcing in terms of unit prices and improving energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption. Our energy consultants are familiar or have worked within the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 50001 (Energy Management) systems and can assist implementation of energy saving programs to support these BS EN standards.

Our energy consultants are spread around the UK and cover both the UK, North Ireland, Eire and the Channel Islands. We also work with clients in Europe.

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