FAQs - Energy Sourcing

How the right energy procurement strategy can reduce energy costs.

Third Party Intermediaries are referred to as TPIs and include a range of energy efficiency companies, energy brokers and switching websites who arrange energy supply contracts between energy consumers (e.g. commercial, domestic or public sector) and the utility companies (e.g. electricity, gas, water and telephone services including broadband). TPIs are subject to regulation under the general consumer protection rules but are not subject to energy sector related regulation.

If you are tied into a fixed term energy supply contract you can renegotiate or change your contract at the end of the contract period. The contract terms and conditions may stipulate that you need to inform the energy supplier in writing within a set number of days of your wish to leave the supplier. Some fixed term energy contracts may simply end and move you onto a floating rate and you are free to leave by giving a month’s notice.

When you inform your energy supplier in writing that you are terminating the supply contract you are free (subject to their terms and conditions) to enter a more competitive energy supply contract from another provider or utility.

A Letter of Authority is one you as our client are required to sign to allow us to gain information covered under the Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection Regulations (2016/679) from your current energy supplier including consumption rates, charges, contract end date and terms. The document also allows us to go out to tender for pricing for your contract.

The switching process starts from your formal acceptance of our energy supply quotation with the scheduling of your move. Your meter details are entered in the new supplier system during what is known as a pre-registration period and the switching process is automated. Once registered with the new energy supplier, they will send you a welcome pack and confirmation of your ‘go live’ date. We provide a 24/7 support team to manage the switching process and resolve any issues that may arise with your current or new energy supplier.

You can move premises provided you inform the energy supplier or your energy broker before the move and within the period advised within your fixed term energy supply contract. If the process is followed there are normally no penalty charges levied and our 24/7 support team can help your organisation to manage the process.

Green energy is typically electricity generated from renewable power sources including solar PV (photo-voltaic), wind-turbine (on-shore or off-shore) or hydro plant installations and is considered to have a lower carbon footprint than energy generated from carbon-based/fossil fuels. We can source renewable/green energy through our energy suppliers for your site.

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