FAQs - Energy Solution

The types of energy solution available and how to choose the right system for your application.

Energy is typically measured in ‘Joules’ and is the capacity for doing work. Energy may exist in many forms including potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical and nuclear. While energy is ‘joules’, power is ‘joules per second’. in another words Power is measured in ‘Watts’ and Energy is ‘Watt-hours’.

There are several ways our energy solutions team can help organisations reduce their carbon footprint. The first is by improving their energy efficiency by upgrading legacy based systems to more modern and energy efficient systems. Typical examples include lighting, HVAC, electrical transformers and UPS systems. Our energy solutions team can also look at your energy sourcing and prices to propose more competitive energy suppliers and sources of power generation that are more eco-friendly and less fossil fuel based.

Alternative energy sources are those that are not derived from fossil based fuels. Alternative energy solutions can include: solar PV, wind turbine, biomass, hydro, wave and tidal. We can assist with the installation, upgrade and maintenance of alternative energy solutions including on-site energy storage for those sites that want to be grid independent and/or protected from grid related power outages.

We can provide energy generated from renewable power generators including solar PV and wind turbine installations as well as leading-edge solutions including hydro, wave, stored air and fuel cells. In terms of on-site renewable power generation we can assist with energy storage solutions and the installation, upgrade and maintenance of renewable generation systems.

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