FAQs - Energy Storage

Energy storage information including lithium battery solutions.

Off-The-Grid (OTG) or Off-Grid refers to being without a connection to a grid electrical supply such as that from the National Grid.

Flywheels are a device used to convert Kinetic energy into a standby supply of direct current (dc) power for a UPS either in place of a battery set or to reduce the initial discharge during momentary interruptions.

A Fuel Cell is a device that uses hydrogen as a fuel to generate an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) supply in addition to heat and water.

Grid Energy Storage (also called large-scale energy storage) refers to the storage of electricity on a large scale from renewable power sources or the electrical supply grid.

Behind The Meter (BTM) energy storage is the use of energy storage systems on a domestic, business or industrial site and installed behind the metered and not after. BTM installations are designed for local energy usage rather than export to the grid. In the case of a renewable solar PV installation, the energy generated is stored in a local energy storage system rather than exported.

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