FAQs - Generating Sets

Using generators to provide backup and standby power to protect critical applications.

For most installations, using the latest UPS technologies with a high input power factor and low input THDi, it is standard practice to recommend at factor of 1.25:1 (generator:UPS). Older UPS systems with a poor input waveform will need from 1.5 to 2:1 as a sizing factor. It can also be important to known the age of the generator and specifically the characteristics of the alternator/governor arrangement. It is possible to ‘pseudo’ match a UPS  to around 1:1 but only if the UPS is down-rated; normally with a firmware change and the battery is sized appropriately.

Most power generators are installed with an 8-hour, 24-hour (day tank) or 48-hour tank and are sized in kVA/kW with Primary and Standby Power ratings. A generator engine will have a load related litres-per-hour rating and the tank an overall capacity (fill) value. These values can be found on a specific generator’s datasheet or on the rating label applied to each generator.

A Gas Turbine is a device that converts Kinetic energy generated from combustion into electrical energy to provide an AC (alternating current) standby power source to a load.

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