FAQs - Load Bank Tests

Load bank testing and how it can be used during the commissioning of power and cooling projects.

A load bank is an AC or DC system that creates a sustainable and safe electrical load. The load is used with a power source such as a UPS system to test its performance and capacity under controlled conditions.

We provide a complete load bank service including delivery, siting, cable installation and connection. Often a load bank test involves us laying cables from the load bank to the connected power device to be tested.

Our load banks are generally available for hire and are used by our own power engineers as part of maintenance and test regimes. We can supply load banks for sale if required.

Without a load bank the only way to test an uninterruptible power supply during the commissioning phase or during maintenance is to apply a real-world load. This is normally the mission critical IT load that the UPS would be powered and if there is a fault with the UPS system this could lead to damage of the connected loads. Using a load bank places a temporary or dummy load on the UPS system allowing the UPS to be properly tested without interruption or damage.

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