FAQs - LV Switchboards

LV switchboard related information including installation and maintenance.

LV switchboards can be colour painted for sites having separate A and B mains incomers. This is most commonly found within the datacentre industry, for sites operating and certified to Tier 4 by the Uptime Institute with 2N mains power sources from two separate sub-stations and transformers.

LV switchboards should be inspected and maintained annually. The maintenance engineer should include a visual and thermal hot-spot inspection as part of their visit to identity potential areas for remedial works. All cables and terminals should be checked to ensure their torque setting markers have not been moved and that all panel meters are function. Consumable items should be checked and changed as per manufacturer recommendations including the capacitors used in Power Factor Correction where fitted. Care has to be taken when inspecting an LV switchboard which will be live unless a permit to power down from the site has been obtained.

SLD stands for Single Line Diagram and this provides an overview of the electrical paths and circuits within a LV switchboard design. An SLD is required to generate a 3D model or drawing of the switchboard from which a costing and quotation can be generated.

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