FAQs - Onsite Power Generation

Power generation related questions and information.

At the broad system level, IEEE (Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) standard 100 defines nominal medium voltage (MV) as greater than 1kV and less than 100kV.

Load Shedding is the reduction of the total load placed on a device. For example, in the case of a UPS, load shedding (when the mains power supply fails) reduces the total load on the UPS to increase the amount of runtime available from the battery set.

A District Network Operator (DNO) is the organisation responsible for your local electrical supply cables and infrastructure.

A Transformer is a wound component consisting of windings around a core, with iron sheet laminates that can be used to change voltage levels and provide Galvanic isolation.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is the switching action in an inverter which varies with time, and creates a composite waveform approaching a sinewave.

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