FAQs - Power and Energy Meters

Power and energy metering information including typical monitoring system related questions.

A smart meter is an intelligent electronic metering device that records energy consumption (electricity in kWh units) in intervals of one hour or less that can be remotely monitored by a utility company (energy supplier) for billing and balancing purposes.

Taking one half of an AC (alternating current) cycle, Root Mean Square (RMS) is the square root of the average values of all the squares of current and voltage.

In-rush is the initial surge in current drawn by loads, for example, to charge capacitive circuits.

Electrical Inductance is the generation of an electro-motive force in an inductive circuit by varying the magnetic flux through it.

Impedance is a measure of the opposition to the flow of an alternating current (AC) in a circuit.

Watts (W or kW or MW) are a measure of the Real Power drawn by a load.

Crest Factor is the mathematical ratio of the peak to RMS value of an ac waveform.

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