FAQs - Rental Accommodation Energy Saving Projects

How to reduce electricity costs in rental accomodation homes and flats.

In rental accommodation the use of individual energy monitors for flats and apartments can contribute towards energy efficiency and especially where the flat or apartment is billed for all or any excess energy used. Smart meters coupled with phone and tablet Apps provide an efficient way for occupants to monitor their energy usage either in the premises or when away and also to control the switching on/off of lighting, heating and electrical appliances.

Access control systems rely on card readers that can provide access to a building using individual cards or tokens. When coupled with an energy management system entry and exit can not only contribute towards health & safety in the building but also energy usage, switching off non-essential lighting and reducing HVAC demands.

The installation of LED lighting in rental accommodation can reduce electricity bills but the costs must be offset against the cost of the LED light bulbs themselves which are substantially higher than halogen type bulbs.

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