FAQs - Sports and Leisure Centre Energy Saving Projects

Common questions on how to improve energy efficiency in sports centres and leisure club complexes.

Energy dashboards provide a visual representation of the energy used within a building, showing running costs and energy usage in kilo-Watt hours (kWh) against benchmark standards and/or previous periods. In a sports or leisure centre sharing energy usage information can help employees with an interest in energy usage to monitor overall usage. Sudden peaks can also help the sports or leisure centre manager to identify issues or problems with systems in the building and in particular the heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Voltage optimisation (also known as voltage reduction technology) is the process of reducing the electrical voltage supplied to a device using a single or three phase voltage optimiser. There are several types of voltage optimiser available based on static transformer and electro-mechanical technologies. Voltage optimisers achieve the most savings when used in areas with a high mains supply voltage (above 250Vac) and with non-IT type loads.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) improve the energy efficiency of electric motor and pump loads by managing the voltage and frequency of their electrical supply to control their speed. In a sports and leisure centre there are many applications including electrically powered exercise machines, HVAC motor controlled vents and pumps used for heating swimming pools.

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