Power Management Systems

Managing power within server room or datacentre server racks is a critical part of any power protection plan. A centralised uninterruptible power supply may be installed to power an entire building facility or areas within it. Alternatively, a decentralised approach may be taken using distributed uninterruptible power supplies within server racks or to protect individual devices.

Power Distribution

Load management is an important considering. Firstly, IT loads and servers need to be connected to the output of the uninterruptible power supply in a managed and secure way. This can be done via Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that can be hardwired into a distribution board or plugged into the output sockets of the UPS.

Server Load Management

The second issue is one of managing the load on the UPS and metering the energy used. Intelligent PDUs can include outlet sockets that can be remotely managed and controlled via software. This provides IT managers with the ability to power-off or reboot individual servers. Intelligent and Metered PDUs have monitoring functions that allow power usage information to be gather for billing purposes including energy usage (kWh).

Source Transfer Switching

Many servers today use dual-corded and redundant power supplies allowing them to source power split between two A and B supplies or from just one source. This provides the servers with added power resilience.

Source Transfer Switches can also be supplied and installed alongside uninterruptible power supplies to provide additional protection. The STS device works in the same way sourcing a single supply from two A and B sources. The sources can be two UPS systems or two mains supplies or a combination of the two. Source transfer switches are typically designed for 19inch rack mount and can also incorporate a number of IEC320 or IEC309 power sockets or outlet which may also be remotely managed and provide power and energy usage metering.

Power and Energy Usage Metering

Where metering is not available from power devices within the electrical distribution system, individual meters can be installed. These can be self-contained meters or one designed for panel mounting. When used with data loggers a complete energy usage profile can be built-up for any given building or area within it.

Electrical Installation Design

These are aspects our power engineers consider when designing and electrical distribution system for a server room or datacentre. Synchronised Power also supplies a wide range of PDUs including basic, metered and intelligent products for single or three phase applications.

Power Management Projects

Flexible power distribution is one of the most important aspects to consider in your electrical distribution system. To discuss your power distribution needs please contact our power engineering team who can arrange a site survey.