FAQs - Building Energy Saving and Electrical Power Projects

Building energy saving information and general electrical systems information.

Intelligent Building Systems are systems that provide an enhanced and cost-effective work and social environment by optimising and managing the interrelationship between four basic elements of building’s structure including: structure, systems, services and management.

A Smart City is connected to the Internet of Things and uses different types of electronic data collection sensors and systems in order to collect information for the efficient management of utilities and assets including electricity, gas, water, telcoms and transportation to meet the needs of the city.

Access security systems provide a way to monitor entry and exit to a building. When coupled with a building management or energy management system substantial energy savings can be achieved using zoning to only power up and heat or cool those parts of a building or office that are to be used. This can be taken a step further using smart-phone Apps allowing a person to signal the access control of a change in their time of arrival (earlier or later) allowing the energy management system to make changes to the profile for the zone or zones that person normally works in. A good way to think of this is in terms of standby energy. Why power up a workstation of a person is not there?

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