Power and Energy Meters

Organisations and businesses have many reasons to monitor their power and energy usage. Some may be monitoring in order to improve energy efficiency levels or bills tenants whilst others want to achieve certifications (ISO50001), green-energy feed-in-tariffs (solar PV) or simply meet their own environmental and low carbon objectives.

Whatever the reasons, metering technologies continue to develop as do the software packages, accessories, data logging and environmental management systems that they can be used with. Our range meters is extensive and includes:

  • Meters for monitoring power quality, electricity, gas, water and heat
  • MID certified and OFGEM approved meters
  • Panel mount, Din-rail mount and enclosed meters
  • Current Transformers and cable interfaces
  • Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) and renewable power generation meters
  • Smart meters and data loggers

Synchronised Power works with several leading meter manufacturers, with many products available from stock. Our power and energy meters can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Custom designs and features are also available subject to development and manufacturing lead times.

Panel Meters

The Synchronised Power range of panel mounted meters provides precision power quality and energy information. They can be retrofitted to an existing LV switchboard to upgrade existing metering or replace analogue meters and are available with current transformer (CT) and variable transformer (VT) options.

MID Certified Meters

MID stands for Measuring Instruments Directive and is an EU directive (2004/22/EC) implemented to harmonise the requirements of 10 different measuring instruments including for gas usage and energy metering. The original MID directive was replacement in 2016 by the recast MID (2014/32/EU) implemented by The Measuring Instruments Regulations SI 2016/1153. Whilst there is no defined list of MID-approved gas and electricity meters, MID-complaint meters must have specific labelling including a CE mark and the correct MID-marketing (the letter M, a two-digit code for the year of manufacture and four-digit code for the notified body that approved and verified the meter).

Building and property owners, managers and landlords have a legal obligation to use approved MID certified meters for billing purposes as designed in UK and EU laws and regulations. All meters used for billing must be manufactured under controlled conditions and meet stringent standards. Uncertified meters can only be used for monitoring and not billing. If unapproved meters are used for billing then the end user or consumer can refuse to pay and the building owner be prosecuted. Some meters are classed as both MID and OFGEM approved.

Ofgem stands for the Office of Gas and Electricity Meters and is the governing body regulating meter certification and approval (pattern, construction and installation manner) to ensure they conform to the requirements of the Electricity Act 1989. Meters cannot be just Ofgem approved as for a domestic, commercial or light industrial building a MID certification is required.

Metering Projects

As well as the supply of power quality and energy meters, the Synchronised Power team can provide installations and connections services. Please contact us for further information or a site survey.